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Digital Marketing

The only part of Marketing where consumers are not just wary of the product but the stories you tell about it and the way you tell it; is Digital Marketing.

At Idea Fueled we believe in Digital Marketing being a journey rather than destination. The more optimal tools you use during the journey, easier will be the process of reaching your destination.

A team of experts at Idea Fueled, analyse your business needs- What do you stand for and What drives your business. We then formulate strategies that harness the power of Digital Platforms like SEO, SEM, Adwords and so on, to reach out and expand your audience; delivering a substantial ROI.

Our Spectrum


Search Engine Optimization includes all those processes and elements that makes your website easier to spot on search engines like Google. At Idea Fueled, we understand the process of your work, and help incorporate newer SEO marketing strategies to increase your organic traffic.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO


To leave a mark on your visitors you need to connect directly with them. Today, consumers are fed with advertisements and irrelevant sales information, resulting in them ignoring most content which seems in genuine.

At Idea Fueled, we work in collaboration with our clients to develop authentic social media campaigns, to enhance customer engagement.

  • Page creation
  • Calendar planning
  • Live Videos, Animations
  • Customer engaging Offers
  • Outreach Monitoring

Email Marketing

You may not get a chance to meet all your clients personally. A number of times you need your existing or prospective customers to be aware of recent developments like a news, or an offer, or a new product put on an exclusive discount for esteemed customers.

Our team helps you talk of any update you’d like to convey in a way they love to hear it.

  • Calendar Planning
  • Campaign Building
  • Template Design
  • Monitoring Insights
  • Leads Generation

Paid Campaigns

Increase site traffic, Boost revenue, PPC, Google Ad campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, and much more!

All business is basically about customers and marketing and making money and capitalism and winning and promoting it and having something someone.

Want to start with a small budget?

An idea is the building unit to your business. From helping ideas metamorphose into a start-up to boosting your visibility on the internet, Idea Fueled stands as a platform that provides a wide spectrum of Digital Marketing and Product Development services with cost-effective solutions.

Allow your ideas to pour in, and we’ll build your business together.