How Digital Transformation Is Affecting The Face Of Business

How Digital Transformation Is Affecting The Face Of Business

We live in an era which is driven by digital technology. Such is the impact of technology that there are regions where people do not have ample drinking water but own smartphones. But one of the biggest impact digitalization has had is on the businesses, of all kinds- micro, small, medium, or big. The way businesses have digitally transformed during the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be clearly said that the acceleration of digital world has come through by organizations adapting to it.

The concept of digital transformation comes from the use of digital technologies in a way that streamlines the operation of a business. By digitizing a business, the company aims to gain benefits of digital transformation which eventually results in increasing the revenue. The degree of digitalization in a firm is broadly classified into…

  1. Technology: The influence of technology comes from its benefits on your operations, as well as the difficulty level of its integration. Using better technology or something that your business is the most adaptable to increases your chances of providing to the demand of your users.
  2. Demand: The effect of demand comes from customers, who are now adopting a shopping experience that’s easy, intuitive, straightforward, and convenient.
  3. Behaviour: The impact of behaviour comes from consumers who have expectations when using your product through integrated technology.

Companies today need a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact. Here’s how digitalization has changed the way businesses function

  • Communication

Interacting with potential customers today is equivalent to spinning a wheel. All you need to do is have a good presence on social media. It allows companies to interact with people in a public space, providing a channel to promote products, services and instant messages.

Ecommerce websites have the biggest advantage of communication in a digitally transforming business world. They can directly target the audience interested in a particular product or service making it easier for the consumers to reach them easily.

  • Content

With a huge amount of content distribution via social media and messaging apps, every 60 seconds millions of people make a Facebook post, and million messages are distributed via WhatsApp. Marketers have been streamlining their content to reach the right audience to get their brand noticed. This content is shared through videos, write ups, narrations, images, and any other form which is available to the audience to view.

  • Data Segregation

Modern technology allows marketers to gain insights about their customers. However, companies need to know how, where and when to use the data well in order to reach maximum target audience. They use this data to segregate the type of product or shopping experience customers are interested in. The array of technologies and channels a brand needs to focus on should engage the customer in a meaningful way. Likes and Comments on social media are just a form of engagement that builds a relationship between the brand and the customer.

Personalized content creates a colossal impact when the viewer relates to it, not only by grabbing the attention of the audience but also by having them the option to share it directly on any platform.

  • Transparency

In today’s digital world, customers want to know about the companies they interact with and purchase from. To build loyalty, brands need to be transparent to their customers and demonstrate their personality online through the right message. Transparency has become extremely important for companies who are either into food business, or have made their products directly available on social media like small businesses or entrepreneurs who belong to the local for vocal community.

  • Influencer Marketing

About a decade ago, YouTube was probably the only medium to interact with customers through engaging videos. Accounts with a high number of followers would promote a particular product through paid or barter marketing, to change the buying tendency of a user. Things have changed drastically since then. Companies no longer need to hire celebrities to endorse their products to get the likes of a million people.

With social media providing the platform for ordinary people to show their talent and grow their Follower base, companies trust these people or accounts to endorse their product, as they have a better reach within the audience. The content these influencers share is relatable to most viewers which is why they tend to look forward to recommendations from the influencers.

With numerous advantages of digital transformation, it’s imperative that when analysing and assessing a company’s performance or planning for the next quarter, a decent amount of investment in digital marketing should be considered. At Idea Fueled, we help you digitize your business with cost-effective solutions. To learn how can we implement the best way to digitally market your product, get in touch with us on +91 7696261222.