UI UX Guide For 2021: Design Trends To Watch Out For

UI UX Guide For 2021: Design Trends To Watch Out For

With every passing year, a new list of UI/UX design trend appears everywhere. There’s a reason for that. When a major chunk of the digital world starts to follow a particular trend, it inevitably becomes ineffective due to saturation. The only way out for designers is to keep a constant check on offering something unique to the clients. At the same time business owners need to keep themselves updated on the best ideas for UI UX design, as part of their brand development.

As we say hello to a fresh year, we understand the need to ideate and create more and better designs for a UI-UX framework. Here are a few you could look forward to…

  • Going virtually 3D

The year that passed by had elements no one could have predicted. From working nine hours a day, at least five days a week, companies switched to a work from home concept making virtual reality a daily routine for the digital world. While VR was something that many companies tried to induct as a usual practice, but failed as not everyone was open to the idea of virtual experience. With more brands beginning to encourage VR, and universities using 3D imaging for their annual events like graduation and convocation days, 2021 is going to see a rise in demand for 3D designing and virtual reality.

  • Glassmorphism

The newest trend in UI glass morphism is an effect that comes from making the background blur, creating a “look through the glass” feel of the elements. With social media platforms and video editing apps allowing users to explore their creative sides, glassmorphism is here to stay and will be widely used by upcoming businesses.

  • AI and similar tools

All modern interface design and development tools focus on several important aspects like bridging the work pattern between designers and developers while remotely working online in collaboration. These aspects have one common goal- to ease the designers’ workflow with the help of modern tools. Designing tools that are powered by AI help in retaining the consistency of the layout while providing with many other options. For instance, in October 2020 Adobe updated its Photoshop version 22.0 that has some exciting, AI-supported features to offer.

  • Generative Design

Another potentially promising UI/UX trend to expect in 2021 is generative design. Similar to AI, generative design mostly covers those programs that can analyse a large array of similar data, locate their characteristics, and create new ones based on the data. This kind of algorithm-driven design tools can be used in more than one way by designers. One, to create layouts and marketing materials, and second, by allowing designers to choose visual styles, generate presentation mockups and small design details. Generative Design is probably the near future for marketing folks and Digital customer experience managers.

  • Aesthetics

We all love and appreciate it when we come across a simple, minimal, and easily-readable UI. The wow-effect need not always come from adding a lot of complicated elements to the design, but by simply putting things in order and having it rightly organized; or aesthetically pleasing.

  • Personalization

Personalization in design is an approach where the company creates individual content and recommendations for individual users based on the information provided by the user as cookies like date of birth, age, gender or the browsing history. The goal of a personalized UI/UX design is to make the user feel that content has been curated especially for the user, eventually increasing the conversion rate.

Personalization has been rated as one amongst the top UI UX design trends in the recent years, due to the positioning of elements, tone, and changing appearance in the blink of an eye. Just like ecommerce websites create a personalized wish list and suggestion for individual user, a UI/UX interface can be made more personal to the user by generating content that is relevant to them. The only drawback that comes with personalized interfaces is that users find it intimidating to share their personal information, without any guarantee of security or spamming in their mailbox.

  • Graphics in motion

Users everywhere irrespective of their age or gender like to watch animated stories or interact with moving screens. A combination of minimalistic interface with bold and interesting looking elements can not only attract users, but is also clear and informative at the same time. Let’s all admit, we prefer watching moving graphics or informative videos more than just reading through the lines constantly. Adding moving graphics helps in providing a relaxing element to the most serious-themed websites, and best companies for UI/UX designing acknowledge that.

With the world switching to a digital medium for all the work, a demand for innovation in UI/UX designs is only going to rise. It’s time to rethink the concepts and make it easier for aspiring designers to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry.

Which trend will be a hit in 2021? Let us know your opinion.